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A Whole lot of Pink~ 


Pink! Best word to describe my outfit for today. I have been wanting to make an outfit like this for ages, so when I purchased the pink shorts yesterday I had a clear plan of what to wear today when I woke up. I am such a fan of this kind of outfits, just focusing on one color. Choosing different fabrics, textures, patterns and tones of the color will make sure it don’t look dull or crazy. The top of it all, making it perfect, is the bright pink accessories and lipstick.

There’s actually one thing I don’t like about this outfit, and that is the black tights I had to wear. I only got black tights in different patterns. Oh, and crazy colored ones with floral patterns (it was SO in 2 years ago in my wardrobe at least). So I went out hunting for lighter tights, lighter black ones or skin colored ones. And I found some~! Not telling where yet, because I didn’t buy them – have my wallet with me! So I’m just hoping their still there tomorrow.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Perfect jeans in pastel colors!

These shorts deserves so many pictures-they're absolutely fabulous!

So after drinking a coffee at Choco Boco café with a friend I didn’t hesitate at all when she asked me to join her for some shopping. And I am so glad we went to the big Gina Tricot store in the city. After a lot of goofing around and discussing weird pieces of clothing, and me saying “PINK” every time I saw something pink, I came over these shorts in lovely pastel colors. Light purple, light pink and mint green. The three color I dream about every night, because it’s the color I want to dress up in this summer. So I grabbed the 3 of them and hitt the fitting room.

Gosh, I have never ever in my life worn so cheep shorts that fits my ass me so perfectly! Not even the demin shorts I purchased last summer for about 300NOK I think is equally comfortable to wear. These where really REALLY comfortable, and costed only 150 NOK each. There weren’t any other option, I had to buy all 3 of them.

And yes I am so amazed by these shorts I am dedicated an entire blog post to them. They really deserves the “perfect jeans” tag. I am so exited to wear one of them tomorrow! Which one to start with? I might want to do an all pink outfit with my pink lace shirt from Galstar…!

XXXXX ([]u[])/


Instagram Part III

I am falling way behind with my Instagram post. I probably should do them more often. I’m still home at easter break in the first line, but that’s finally the last ones. As usually, click the numbers to see them in full versions~

  • 1. Beautiful view from the living room, snowy and sunny~
  • 2. Last easter egg this year!
  • 3. Last cup of coffee at home this holiday
  • 4. Pink nail polish!

  • 5. Traveling picture in the airport bathrooms mirror, obligatory.
  • 6. Back at school, so much to do!
  • 7. Went out running and arrived at familiar grounds!
  • 8. New pink EOS lipbalm~

  • 9. Bought new shoes for spring~!
  • 10. Kind of my favorite cereal, lots of fruits, berries and oats.
  • 11. Purple lips! just had to get this lipstick (although it looks pink on the picture)
  • 12. My new shoes again. Love them.

  • 13. Coffee in my favorite kind of cup, small and round.
  • 14. Hairbun helper, not going to kill my hair to get a bun anymore.
  • 15. Awesome ring for just 20NOK, I love sale.
  • 16. One tired doggie, walking is exhausting when you insist on barking at everything.

  • 17. Delicious pizza! Even more so because I shared it with someone special.
  • 18. Tea~ And my adorable tea wand from Indiska.
  • 19. Don’t think I actually uploaded this… but world war maps are so frustrating!
  • 20. I just love the smell of my sheets.
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Out on a hairbrush hunt

I think I need a new hairbrush?

Most of the tips are burnt off because I love using a round brush when using straightening iron. And its dirty with hair products, dust ect. AND its old. So I need to go out on a serious hairbrush hunt. Where to find a good round brush for a cheap price? I am not about to spend a fortune on it. I need more bobby pins too… they just keep on disappearing. Well, hair accessories and brush shopping today it is then~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Dare to wear something bright for spring~ 


So awkward poses, I think holidays have made it awkward to do outfit shots. In other words, it has been ages sins last post. Since then I have managed to purchase a t-shirt with awesome pastel print. It was a totally impulse buy I did with a very good friend. And since I can’t walk around in uggs, because they where the only flats I had, I got me some new shoes for spring!

I have also bought a very vibrant and violet lipstick, because I saw it on my best friend back home. There is just something about sunny weather which makes me want to wear bright lipstick that I have never dared to wear before. But this summer I am doing something about it.

XXXXX ([]u[])/

Surrounded in colors and sweet feelings~

Visited the local handcrafts shop as my mum worked there yesterday. It is such an inspirational place, with so many colorful yarns, patterned fabrics – and lets not forget; all the homemade stuff that’s sold here. Although I was more busy with taking pictures of the yarn and fabrics in different kind of ways. The place is full of nostalgia and sweet feelings. I simply have to pay this shop a visit when I am home.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

The glory of a local treasure trove

Got to visit the local Thai store during shopping yesterday, and I never walk out of there without a cute patterned tights. These require a bit warmer weather, as it would be a shame to wear overknees over these. So I am looking forward to use them when the spring comes. Also got a pair of grey fabric flower earrings. It has been a while since I have bought some, and I am starting to get tired of the earrings I have. Can you believe that I got these for only 20 NOK? That is the glory of this local Thai store.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Window shopping for new shoes in the morning~

Oh, right now I’m pretty much guilty in just partially paying attention to the class, and partially drooling on shoes. Which I’ve been drooling on all week. I just want them. It’s a total irrational feeling of want. Want, Want and Want. I’m such a shopaholic girl sometimes, although I’m mostly just “window shopping”.

These overknees shoes are lovely~!

I never dared to buy such long shoes because I’ve been fearing that I’ll look ever shorter wearing them. Hence why I want them in black, but I am not sure I dare too.

I also want these in black~!

This is another type of shoes I’ve never dared to buy before. This time it’s because I’m scared that my feet will look too big and clownish compared to my tiny frame. But these pictures convinced me that may not be the case at all.

These I'm absolutely sure I want in white~!

Its said that wearing light-colored shoes makes you appear taller, especially if they’re beige/skin colored. I’m not so sure I believe that, but I’m just curious. And I’ve never owned white shoes before… Time to try something new? I’m just afraid these would be a pain in the ass to walk in…

Oh, all these lovely shoes.. What to do, what to do?

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

I don’t think I can ever get enough shirts in my closet.

I was originally getting up early to work on my NO dept study essay, but I got a bit occupied with drooling on clothes at my favorite shop, Galstar. And I came over these 3 shirts I just got to have!

The red one here is sold out sadly, the bordeaux color looks amazing~

But the other colors looks good too, hm mocha, green and/or black?

This lace shirt is so cute, I got to have it in pink! And white....

The black one here is sold out, but I don't mind I want it in white~!

Gosh these shirts, I want them so much. I got like 6 shirts already in my closet, but apparently I want at least 5 more. Which color to get is always the hardest thing choosing, making me want the two first ones in different colors.  Yay or Nay? Buy or save money?

XXXXX ([]u[])/

People might not get why I bother wearing false lashes almost everyday.

The thing is, they are just as essential to me as mascara is to you.

Or your morning coffee or something. I’m just too used to it. Frankly, I think my eyes looks small without it. Still, I am fully capable of NOT using them. I choose to wear them, like I chose to be a vegetarian.

So, enough of the rambling. New lovely lashes came to be in the mail today! Soooo happy I don’t have to bother with old worn out lashes anymore. they are so gorgeous and different from what I’ve used before. 3 different styles – 3 different looks~

Style 1: Small but divided and lovely

These are a lot like the previous ones I had from Diamond, but these are shorter. Great for a more natural daily look, although I am a fan of exaggerated lashes I think these are lovely.

Style 2: Small to bigger lashes on the outer edge

These are kind of the same style as the ones above, just that the lashes on the outer edge gets bigger. And they are a tad bit longer. Which means they’ll give a but more dramatic look. I adore them!

Style 3: Big lashes in the middle -  long lashes on the outer edge!

I’ve never had lashes like these, but I’ve always wanted to try them. I am really curious about what look they’ll give my eyes. I love how they’re not only made with bigger lashes in the middle, but they also get longer the closer to the outer edge they get. Must give a really diva look~! Can’t wait to try.

the question now is, which style to try first tomorrow? And what the hell am I still doing awake!?

XXXXX ([]u[])y