3rd of January – Back To Normal

Well, it’s monday which means back to normal life. It’s just luck that my break last to the 10th of January, so I have exactly one week to get back on track again. And dum dum duuum~ I started it by never being able to sleep last night. I was twisting in my bed for ages, so I really dunno how much sleep I got. Got up a bit earlier than usual anyway so it doesn’t matter. Use the time I laid awake planning the day so here’s a To-do list;

1. Yoga Training

2. Shower/eat/get dressed

3. Send an email to an old teacher

4. Send emails to possible places for internship

5. Start making a portfolio

6. Make some picture collages for my blog

Probably am going to help mom with grocery shopping to, so I have enough of useful things to fill my day with. Didn’t do anything yesterday, and that was probably the reason why I couldn’t sleep. Lol, and I am a list person to, I love making list and strike out things. This years keyword is dedication and I might be organized as well. I am usefully horrible disorganized so I am going to change that~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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