5ht of January – Organized Mess

Get what I mean when I say I’m a totally disorganized person? And why one of my new year resolution is to become more organized. When I say I have to clean/tidy up my room, I usually mean messes like this. Well, they say where it’s always tidy, creativity rarely happens. Then again, I don’t think creativity happens at places in total mess either. It can be messy, just some sort of organized messy,LOL.

Haven’t dressed up or done make-up for some days either, been totally lazy… but today I did my make-up because I just wanted to. And I awkwardly decided to wear my usamimi. If I had actually bothered to style my hair some it would probably have looked better. Omff… I’m so bored and there’s nothing to blog about! I’m just doing nothing everyday over and over and over again. When did this place change so much?

Yeah, so I’m kinda looking forward to get back to Trondheim, see people again & I’m actually looking forward to get back to school. Totally geek IKNOW.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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