6th of January – Criminal Little Liars

Oh my… I spent most of the day watching criminal minds and pretty little liars, hence the headline. Because with boredom creativity vanish. IDK why I dared to watch criminal minds in this weather in the first place. Not that the series is scary, but I get so scared of sounds when I’m home alone, and its terrible windy today. Old houses, my friend, makes a lot of houses when its windy!

Anyways, when mom got home from work she once again had bought me something. Yesterday it was two pairs of leggings, light grey and peach orange. Today she gave me a pair of over knee socks, in a grey-ish color. I absolutely love them! They’re actually pretty warm and comfy. I want more of these! I just had to do an outfit with them at an instant~~

This outfit popped in my head at an instant. Well, actually in my head it was with a skirt, but then a gain, my heads imaginations isn’t always right proportionally, it looked way better with shorts. I need more shorts! And now some of my friend would be gawking “more shorts?!? She got like… 6-12?!”. Really. I need some that fits my figure a lot more, someone that’s more figure sewn that cheap H&M shorts. I really want some denim ones too~

Yay, for door handle in the background!

Poor pink eyeshadow, it must feel pretty molested and raped. I need to buy myself a bright pink blush, I don’t quite remember what color the one I have from Top Shop is, but I think it’s more deep pink. I definitely need a light pink one. Have to wait until I can afford so, sadly missed E.L.F’s free shipping offer today, but I just couldn’t afford it…  And then there was those shorts, harem pants and some tops that I really want to. DILEMMA! No, make-up first~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


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