16th of January – The Flu is Defeated

When I got home from school with fever on Tuesday, I didn’t expect that I would be down and gone for so long. On Wednesday I was fine except for the fever, but then it just got worse and worse and I have pretty much been in a fever coma the last days. I’ve hardly done anything that didn’t include sleeping or laying in bed/on the couch. Guess the flu got me, and it got me really bad. It’s been a long time since I’ve been sick for so many days, and ages since I’ve been sick in a school week. Luckily I just lost 1 day because of free days~

Today I’m almost feeling 100%, except for a little irritation in my throat and coughing. I am hungry all the time and am eating a lot so everything is good~ I am crossing my feet that I’ll be able to go to school tomorrow, without getting worse. Because that’s what I’m most scared of right now. Going out thinking it all would be fine, and then before I know it the fever will hit me again. The nerd inside me is kinda worried about the new school project you see. I lost many hours of work by being sick, and by up coming thursday I must have some sketches ready.

Oh well I’ll manage. And just to not make this a totally boring update about me telling you I’m back on my feet, I’m sharing some pictures of inspiration I really enjoyed while being sick. Yes spent most of the time looking through magazines~~

XXXXX ([]u[])/


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