21st of January – I'm Real OK?

Today I received a question on my tumbler, where someone told me that I had been exposed at a page called “Your exposed”. Apparently someone thinks that my tumlbr is fake, that I am faking being those girls on the photos I reblog. How stupid isn’t that? I shouldn’t let it get to me this much because it’s just totally stupid. How can an Inspiration blog be fake? Why not try to expose actual fakes?

ANYWAYS, I tried to do an attempting on some gyaru make-up today. Had to try using the fake lashes I got~~ Although, it’s a pretty amateur, because it’s really the first time I’m trying to do a full gyaru make-up. Still, I’m pretty satisfied~

The lashes are a bit stiff an unnatural, but they feel okay on. The lower lashes is lovable, they’re pretty on an feels good. Not irritable or anything like that. Although they are starting to get irritable because I’ve been wearing them since morning, but it’s like with make-up in general. After a long time you start to notice. Finally: Lashes VS. Me = 1-1!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


2 thoughts on “21st of January – I'm Real OK?

  1. nyuu

    i’m new to your site, but i’m sorry to hear that people accuse you of being not who you are when in fact you are really you lol that was confusing to say XD Your makeup skills are amazing :3 And your hair is so cute!


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