25th of January – Gimme Supa Luv

I’m really satisfied with myself today, I’ve been working a lot to make the perfect layout for my project. Okay, it might not be the PERFECT perfect, but it’s full of functions and possibilities. As long as I find furnitures that fits the concept. I once again got Wednesday free, so there will be a lot of hard-working tomorrow too. I’m being super effective.

You know what the strangest part is? To be able to work this good I used to be at school for hours, now I can hardly focus when I’m there. I work so much better when I’m at Lele’s place. Maybe it has something to do with the pink couch, the coffee machine or that I have lots of food available. I don’t have to bring it with me, it takes me 30 sec to go home and grab some. It also prevents me from going to the store shopping more food, when I really don’t need it.

Now I’m sitting here wondering why WordPress is recommending Justin Bieber as a tag? LOL, and One Less Lonely Girl, wtf? That’s mean! Uhng, lots of randomness right now.

Your love + My Love = Supa Luv. Yanno you want it. Oh, I just love that song, so addictive! And that hair colour is so amazing, like an anime figure or something. I get so amazed by how much Kpop artist change some times, and how much they dare to do just to get the image for one video right. Give me one of their stylist now please?

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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