4th of February – Epicness & Nervous Shopping

Oh, I feel like I should be updating my blog with something utterly amazing right now. IDK what that thing could be, it’s just the feeling I got. Oh it could be the amazing party SOFAT had yesterday. I was sober the whole night and had a lot of fun. I can’t for the life of my get why I didn’t bring my camera with me. Or why I didn’t take a picture of my outfit at least. Or my make-up. I LOVED both of them. And apparently some people at the party did to.

I got a lot of compliments about my style and some also mentioned my blog. I am flattered really~! So maybe that’s why I’m sitting here feeling that I should give something in return for such amazing words I got last night? One thing is for sure, compared to yesterday this friday feels pretty empty. It actually feels like sunday in my head and I don’t like it at all..

Lol, I am THIS close to updating more inspiration pictures, but I am not going to. That’s what I created tumblr for! Duh. So what to fill this entry with? Gosh, I need to start taking pictures! Know I know, I have for some time now wanted to buy some tops from GALSTAR’s rakuten shop but I never manage to choose colour or which piece to buy first. Because, I can’t purchase them all at once, it would  be expensive. And even if I could afford it I kinda want to try it out first.

I like it in khaki, but I love how the print is metallic on the black one!

The white one is sold out, and the other two will be soon~

I originally wanted the navy one but it’s sold out, which really doesn’t bother me because navy just doesn’t seem like my color.

Then I wanted it in white, but it seem less like Union Jack than the rest. Gray or Black?

This one I saw today, and I fell in love with the design! Maybe white?

I love the open back on this one~ Think I like it in grey the most…

Now that I’ve made a summary of it I see that maybe I should buy the item that’s almost sold out. I really want it, I just have to dare purchasing it. It’s so scary shopping from a site for the first time! It’s also funny how almost everything I want in either black, white or grey. I think I’ve fallen in love with those colours. I’m not about bright colors any more. Just contrast and patters!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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