11th of February – It's going to fast!

My days are going way to fast! The hour is going fast, everything is going to fast. It’s weekend again! It really seems like last saturday was yesterday. I don’t like when time passes fast. It may be mostly because I really don’t feel ready for being done with my education at NKF.

Anygame, SOFAT held a game night at school yesterday with lots of games and a quiz! And guess what? My team won the quiz~  Didn’t play that many games, I and Lele just sticked to card games like Idiot. I tried one new game and guess who’s the white player? Yes, me.


Well, yesterday was nice~ Now I’m looking forward to do some training pretty soon, but what else to do at this friday? When did Fridays become so boring? I know I have some schoolwork to do… but, no motivation! Not when it’s weekend at least. OH, btw, I love this remix! Check it out~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~




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