18th of February – Cookie Inspires Me

I am so stuffed right now~ I’ve been eating some homemade brownies cookies Lele had made. And yes I know, what about the no candy rule? Honestly, I think it’s quite rude saying no all the time when people is offering me something. I’ve decided to not buy something myself ever, but when I’m visiting friends who has something sweet, I can. I’m not going to go all crazy and be like “GAH, NO SUGAR EVER PPL PLEASE DON’T ASK”. It’s not like I’m going to suffer or get harmed by eating some.

I’ve once again been downloading magazines, and I want to post some pictures that inspired me a lot~

Some is from Ranzuki March version, and some is from Seventeen March version. I’m kinda liking Seventeen more and more. This one had an incredible focus on valentine’s day and contained a lot of recipes on different ways to make something of chocolate. Tho’, sometimes they got photos that really inspire me~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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