20th of February – Into The Fire

Saved this as a draft earlier today and totally forgot about it! Got caught up in a movie I really wanted to see, 71: Into the Fire, featuring T.O.P. You all know how caught up in him I am. No, seriously, I recently learned the meaning behind the song and lyrics of “Oh Mom”, by him. It’s a really good movie based on a true story, I strongly recommend this if you’re interested in history, or just a good war movie.

Anyways, I was at Lele’s and J.P’s place yesterday on a quite laid back party. They where mixing drinks and I (and Lele) was drinking burn. I was awake enough when I got home to take pictures of what I wore.

I love this jacket I bought In London~

I tried to be a little laid back in my style to, but I guess I didn’t manage it pretty well. You all know me, I’m probably over-dressed for some people on regular week days. I just like to dress up, so whenever I try to dress up less, I never manage it. LOL. It’s so much funnier to really dress up and over to everything~!

Really loved my hair~! I am very pleased by the fact that when I tease my hair I’ve learned to do it as smoothly as possible. And of course, not over doing it! Just a little to give volume. Oh, and I love this top so much~ Look at the bling blings on my shoulder~

XXXXX ([]u[])Y



2 thoughts on “20th of February – Into The Fire

  1. Hege

    Your Hair looked absolutely fabulous!!
    And I loved your outfit^^

    Håper du har fått med deg “Baby Good Night – GD & TOP”
    They were both smoking in that MV^^
    Especially TOP with the strawberries..

    1. Naoki-chan

      Thank you~~ <33

      Honestly, I've been a bit late on watching the video.
      T.O.P. with strawberries is very much approved. Love his hair style.
      Love both of their style and fashion sense in this vid.
      Oh what wouldn't we do just to become one of those girls, rite? ^^


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