25th of February – Tai guo xin ji

Oh this is too much for itsy bitsy tiny me, 2011 seems to be the big year for Kpop. So many incredible good new releases. I have to agree with Ron when saying a girl would explode by feeling to many different emotions at the same time. Although I just want to explode because of all this happiness bubbling inside me. Honestly, I’m a ticking bomb right now.

Yesterday, BIGBANG released their 4th mini album. I’ve been really looking forward to this, tension built up for days. Cruel YG Entertainment teased the fan with tiny vids for days. Finally, yesterday I was able to listen to the album, and its great! They even reached high on the US iTunes list. Yes, you can purchase the album for around 56NOK if I remember it correctly. Haven’t decided it my budget can afford it, but I think so. If you want to listen to the songs before hand, just click here.

THEN TODAY, Super Junior M released their new mini album and the MV for ‘Too Perfect’, which is a song that has been going on repeat on my MP3 for days. I’m beyond loving the song, it makes me so happy. So watching the MV was incredible. The dance, the lyric, the theme, their outfits & everything. I’m totally blown away and I keep watching it over and over and over and over…

I have to admit I never noticed Zhou Mi before watching this and I started to wonder who that tall skinny guy with orange hair was. He just stand out in the MV. And honestly, it’s hard to keep up with all the names within Super Junior. Oh, I just have to say it because I’m so caught up in him right now, I love Ryeowook’s parts in this song, and his high tone towards the end~

I once read that someone didn’t like SJM new songs because they where on Chinese and that it sounded quite weird, I’m actually surprised how amazing ‘Too Perfect’ and the other songs is sung, and can’t imagine them sung on any other language. If you want to listen to SJM new album, just click here.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



2 thoughts on “25th of February – Tai guo xin ji

  1. Hege

    It’s so great to hear Big Bang together again^^
    Their individual activities are incredible, but when they all perform together, it brings a whole new level of awesome!!
    I can hardly wait for the MV and live performances^^

    Super Junior M’s new mini album is pure love!!
    I was quite worried that Han Kyung’s absence would be quite noticeable, but they filled the hole nicely^^
    Even though poor Sungmin hardly got any attention here either.
    Super Junior in Chinese is awesome, and both Henry and Zhoumi are immensely talented^^
    But I’m glad they’re doing their title song in both Chinese and Korean, just like they did with Super Girl^^

    I can’t find it in me to write in Norwegian, probably because the blog is in English^^
    But it’s all good^^

    1. Naoki-chan

      Honestly, I don’t miss Han Kyung.. probably because I don’t remember who he is. It’s hard keeping up with who’s where, and who’s a member and who’s left and so on.
      Haven’t paid much attention to Sungmin either. Ryeowook is taking all my attentionLOL. I’m still amazed by Zhou Mi. Am probably going to be just as addicted to him as I am to Wookie.
      I can’t imagine the song sung in Korean xD It’s just so perfect in chinese.

      It’s okay~ I do the same xD


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