1st of March – You see, I designed that~

I’m really sorry for neglecting my blog lately, just been quite busy these past days~! Or at least this monday and today. My 2 weeks of practical training has started, and I am safely working at an architect office. Due to the fact that it takes 45 mins to walk there and that work time is from 08:00-15.30, and that I am enjoying myself so much I work overtime, I get home pretty late. It’s so easy working overtime when you’re trying out a new drawing program and get carried away designing a pattern for tiles~

Well, then it’s training, or dishes to do, and dinner to make, friends to be with, other stuff to do and so on. And lets not forget that I get up at 05:30~! So I’m usually so god damn tired at evenings that I can’t bother blogging.

Still, I’ll try to update as often as I can~! I’ve been so tired today so I really SHOULD be in bed now but my conscience wouldn’t allow me. It’s my own fault that I’m tired, I dyed my hair last night instead of getting in bed early. The parts that where previously bleached and dyed yellow and started to show, and it was quite embarrassing having really golden parts when the rest was cold blonde.

And this is the result~ It really isn’t that brown-ish, although it got darker than I intended. It will wash out a bit. Still, I love it~ It’s so natural, it’s not one pure colour, it got all kinds of shine to it depending on the light. Cold, warm, golden, red, grey-ish you name it. Natural~

Oh well, got to get to bed now, God night~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


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