6th of March – It's all Liquid~!

See, what did I say about busy days? Ah, well so far the internship has been pretty successful. I am enjoying being there, the people at the office is really nice~ Then I have been at a SOFAT meeting, and this friday we held a costume party at our school. Just quite simple; Hat&Glasses Party. Some people took it quite far, but others came just in simple nerd glasses. It was a quite interesting evening, and I had plenty of fun watching drunk people.

I haven’t had time t blog about this, but at Wednesday I received my latest order from E.L.F. Again? YES. Again~ They had 20% discount on the whole internet store so I thought why not? I really needed a new foundation, concealer and eyeliners~

I purchased: Their new Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 in Nude, The Zit Zapper, Tone correcting concealer, three liquid eyeliner in black, ash and pearl, Eyelid Primer and shampoo for my brushes! I love the moisturizer, it’s not the perfect shade, but the lighter would have been to light and the one shade darker yeah, be way to dark. The eyeliner is amazing, its of the cheapest versions but really stays on. So don’t mess up when using them.

The purchase I’m the most satisfied with is the Eyelid Primer, this is also of the cheapest version. I like how this one is more liquid than my Studio eye primer. If you like me get dry skin during the winter, or your skin simply dries out after days lots of makeup this is really fantastic~ So is the liquid concealer. Yes, my make-up collection keeps growing <3

XXXXX ([]u[])


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