8th of March – Off My Mind~

Here’s todays big news! I’m not a fucking Circlelense virgin anymore! Yes, I am so happy~~ 1. Because it wasn’t as scary as I thought. I was so prepared that it would hurt,sting & burn. Guess I was veeery careful with the cleaning. Still, my hands where shaking as fuck. 2. It was way easier than I though. Everywhere I read people wrote that you had to practice it, or try a few times before getting it right. I got them in almost at the first try every time. And as said, my hands where really shaking. I’m Satisfied~

This is BIG DM23 in pink~ These where really easy to get onto my eyes, although they felt really fragile in my hands. My first thought after putting them on was; “WOW, without make-up I look like a fucking alien”. Such a virgin thought!

I knew that these wouldn’t change my eye color THAT much so I weren’t expecting all pink eyes. Still, I’m really satisfied with how the pink colour blends in with my own blue giving my sometimes seablue & sometimes aqua blue eyes a total different shade. And the enlarging effect? A lot more than I imagined~!

See for your self! Quite a difference isn’t it?

Now, since I haven’t checked my cameras power lately, the battery died before I could get pictures of the other pair. Which is, just for the record, Barbie Big Size in Grey. The pink pair felt a lot more comfortable on. I hardly noticed them the 10 minutes I had them on. Been wearing the grey ones for over an hour now, and I’m noticing these a lot more than the first pair. I honestly understands why people say that you have to get used to wearing circle lenses.

I can really feel that I’m not used to it. Maybe I should start with wearing the pink ones, then slowly start wearing the grey ones over time~ Time to take these off now. OH, just adding my favorite song atm~~ Henry’s awesome song, made by him and his lovely voice~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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