13th of March – Baby, You Make Me Cry

Ouch, why do I do this to myself? I see countless of names, new releases, events and so on through my fav gossip site, Allkpop. I even check out some videos of groups, and think “nah, this isn’t something for me, I those two songs and rest is…”. Then, weeks later I decide to see a few videos again and I go like “why the fuck didn’t I like this before nooow, its sooo great??!”. Honestly, I’m also wondering why the sudden I like it when I didn’t before.

Oh, I just love the underwater/rain scenes ;__;

That’s just what my experience with MBLAQ is. I’ve listened to two of their songs since last summer, and haven’t thought checking them out more because I was convinced they weren’t my ideal type of group. Well, apparently they are. Duh, I love artist with dance skills, diversity, and image. So I’m just sitting here asking myself why just why didn’t I like them before? I just can’t remember it!

I like them for daring to do things a bit different. Now, this would be hard to explain to someone who is new to kpop, so just trust me on this. The high tones, eyemake-up, dance moves. Just different. Maybe that what scared me a bit before? And all this just because I was going to download the video to “Oh Yeah“, which was one of the songs I listened to before~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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