20th of March – Military Button

After a really stressful week it was nice to just do absolutely nothing special this saturday. You can tell by my poor blogging lately, that I haven’t really had time for it. I hope that change now. I really want this blog to improve~! The only thing I’ve actually had time for these past weeks is twitter, it’s so quick and easy. So I’ve hardly been updating other accounts like tumbler, DeviantART and so on. My mum even said that by not seeing me updating on face or my blog, she immediately knew that I was at school working hard.

Anyway, I finally took my time to fix some of my favorite jacket that have been missing their middle button for ages, making it impossible to wear them. I really love military inspired jackets, it’s just a pain in the ass that buttons keeps falling off. But hey, they wouldn’t be as cool without them. Imagine one with a zipper instead? NO THANKS.

As I said to Lele last night, I got military jacket in gold and silver so the only thing missing is a bronze one. Anyone who knows where I can purchase one? LOL.

Well, it’s sunday now and guess what I’m doing: Yes, downloading magazines & music. I’m having a HUGE crush on JYJ at the moment~ Anyone seen Jaejoong’s video clips with ELLE? He has become such a fine man, and the cameras just love him.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


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