25th of March – Miss Chic

Weekend, again already? I don’t feel like this week has gone by fast, but still it feels like it just was weekend. Not complaining tho, we like weekends don’t we? I don’t have much planned except for training, coffee with Lele and schoolwork. Probably going to walk to Lele’s place pretty soon just to have a nice chat with her and JP.

Today I stood model for a friend, and we had the photoshoot at my place, in my room. I don’t mind being taken pictures of, but it went by kinda awkwardly, because it … well.. was in my room? IDK. Wasn’t in the right mood probably. Oh it was cool, and I hope the pictures are usable. And that I don’t have this ridiculous stone face on all of them.

wtf with that straight one?

Wore my extensions today~ it lost most of it volume through the day tho.  My hair is pretty thin so it’s hard to manage to get them in without them showing, and because of the undercut I can’t fit them all in at the same time, a bit annoying. Still, certainly fun to see myself with this long hair~

Discovered Elva Hsiao through SuJu M, when I came over Zhou Mi performing it at SS3. I just love  hearing him sing it, and watch him dance to it. Still, I really love the original song. So addictive~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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