28th of March – Sports Blue

SOFAT held Sports day for my school today, a lot of different stuff happened but mostly we had fun~ Well, the teams had fun playing and I enjoyed watching to be precise. My class didn’t have any team, so I was there just for the sake of doing something and being social. At one moment the power went out, but people were so into the game that they just continued to play in the dark.

I had just dressed up in my dalmatian kigurumi, with circle lenses, false lashes, lots of make-up and extensions. Everyone thought my kigu was a cow though, but no its a dog! I kinda became SOFAT’s mascot~

Not wearing the kigu but here you can at least see the rest~ The extensions had a lot more volume and bigger curls the first hours I whore them, then it started falling down. But hey, still looked pretty okay. Didn’t feel my lenses at all today, and I’m really satisfied with that.

CNBLUE is out with a  new song~ Fuck, I just love this band so much I had to curse, kk? They’re the cutest, prettiest, hottest band from Korea ever. They just make me so happy! And I bet they loved playing the role as punks tagging everywhere & beating security guards. Lovelovelove <3

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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