18th of April – The way you move STOP

Good Morning, PPL~ I am now back from the flu and this blog is no longer on hiatus. I spent the weekend doing some changes in my blogs design; I’ve changed the header, background, and colours. I am still a bit unsure about the background but it’s been growing on me. I’ve also done some changes with the StylePop and MusicPop pages.

Well, there’s a new kid out playing with the big boys. Most of you probably know it by now, but they still deserve this spot on my blog. This group, Block B, has made their debut with a quite addictive song. Which I am very confused with when it comes to its name. Some call it Freeze/Stop and others call it Don’t move.  Anyways, enjoy~

I find their dance moves to be pretty awesome, their voices are pretty good and their style is very approved. I am struggling a bit to believe that these guys are rookies. I am so going to follow this group and I  hope they do well~ If I have a bias? Well, I personally am in love with B-bomb, the red-haired guy. IDK I love his attitude.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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