25th of April – Okay, GO~!

Oh, there have been so many debut this moth I don’t come what to do. So many new groups have appeared, and they are surprisingly good. Like Block B, B1A4 have just blown me away with their skills and “I can’t believe you are rookies”-appearance on stage. Because they seem so comfortable on stage, like they have done it for years~

This is so unbelievably squishy and cute, yet I am amazed by their vocal skills. I love this song, it has such a happy-go-lucky feeling, it makes me wanna bounce around. No actually, when they sing “Ok, girl!” I wanna jump throwing my fist in the air. Of course I have downloaded their mini-album and played all of their song songs over and over and over. I love all the songs but there is one song that just got stuck on my brain – Remember.

I.Love.The.Start.! and of course the rest of the song, I’m just so hooked on it and I don’t have any explanation for it. Well, I am wishing these boy good luck in the music industry, and I hope they do well~

And since a week has passed I have updated my music page: Music to Pop

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


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