28th of April – PeekaBO!

Easter break is over and I’m back at my place in  Trondheim! I’m back at school, and back to normal life. By that I mean less sweets, less tv, more walking (to school), more food making and so on. I really enjoyed being home, eating moms cooking, cuddling with our cats, enjoying the view and just totally relaxing. Nice quiet easter break indeed~!

So there has been a few changes around here during break, and I am now living alone! Yes, my roommate left me! Well, she got a great deal and moved, and I got this place alone. So I’m getting a little taste of how it might gonna me if I decide to move somewhere else alone. But who knows, I  might be living with my sister after summer break!

Anyways, I have been busy re-organizing at home, getting in touch with PPl and  working on my project! So this is just a quick update saying that no, I’m not going on another hiatus, I’m just a bit busy atm~

XXXXX ([]u[]y~


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