1st of May – Sushilicious~

Sushi again? Yes, sushi again! This time I got invited by JP and Lele to eat sushi with them out in the sun. It tasted really really delicious , but the pieces were a little to big. Still, so yummi! The last days here in Trondheim have been wonderful, sunny, warm and nice outside~ So I’ve spent most time out in the sun in some way. Either is jogging, shopping, searching, laying on my lazy bum or working on my project.

The last one is kinda hard when you just want to lay down and enjoy the sun. So frankly, I haven’t done much on my project this weekend. Which is a pity because time is starting to REALLY run away from me! Gotta camp on school the next few days!!

Photographer in the sun

Photographer in action


Well , had a really nice day out in the sun with JP and Lele today too, and pretty soon I’m going to go out for a run.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


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