I'm Just Another Girl

It’s about time I remembered that I had a blog, am I right? I guess I even was too busy to put up a ‘hiatus’-notice, and I didn’t want to either. These past 10 days I’ve been doing way to much schoolwork, and still not enough. I’ve also considered stop blogging, or delete this and start all over. I’ve had my ups and downs with blogging but this have been the hardest round.

I kept wondering why I do this, what was the point of it? Took me a while but I slowly realised  my reasons, and I’m happy I found them. Why: I love to write, what ever I end up doing, I’m always gonna be a writer. Wether it’s poems, short stories, diary like entries to myself or blog entries about my life and my interest. I’m always gonna write something because I enjoy doing it. What’s the point if it: To do something for myself, and something I enjoy.

So It doesn’t have to be about getting readers, receive comments and feedbacks. It certainly don’t have to be about popularity, it never has been with me either. I’m perfectly happy with being just me, and being known and read by the amount of people who pop by my blog every now and then. I do this for myself.

So its been 10 days since last time I logged on my blog. I can’t say that there has been any big happenings since last entry. I’ve bought a few new pieces of clothing, I’ve received my last order from elf. I’ve been out with friends enjoying the sun, but I’ve spent most day inside working hectic with a hotel project.

But today, oh today, 2NE1 finally released their new MV of their new song ‘Lonely’. With all the teasing YG Entertainment have done it was about time. I don’t know if I could have waited any longer without exploding. I was literally jumping up and down and all around the apartment when I saw it. I calmed down a bit while listening to the song, because in contrast of their aggressive style, this is a drop dead gorgeous ballad.

These are my girls, and they take up a huge place in my fan-girl heart. So I hope for them that this song does really great on any charts, because it’s such a beautiful but sad song. I recommend you take a peek at the lyrics. Enjoy~~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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