Because of You You You

Yes, guess what finally came today?! Package from mom which I’ve been waiting for and looking forward to for days! I am so not goo at concentrating when waiting for something, especially not when it has to do with the post. I kept peeping out of the window to see if I saw the post car, and actually went checking the mail box twice before the notice that told me I got a package finally was there~~

I love getting stuff from mom! It always contain something sweet, something practical, something home-made and something to eat! Getting a bunch of socks is always practical, since I keep on losing them. Home-made potholders and oat biscuits that I love so much! And the cutest card ever~! I’m so happy now. Made my day.

I am slowly getting better, and I’m hoping that I can go to school tomorrow. I have tried to work all day, but it’s hard to concentrate at home. I just want to download new music, dance to loud music, chat with friends and such all the time. It’s also hard to stay focused when my nose is running all the time, and I know that I’m hungry but I don’t feel like eating because of my irritated throat. But time is fleeing from me again, and I really have to chase it tomorrow so school it is!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



3 thoughts on “Because of You You You

  1. mamma

    Morsomt å sjå innholdet i pk din her ;O)
    Du har vel ikke skrujern til å skru opp “ting og tang”-kroken, men det har sikkert noen naboa ? =) syns den var litt kul
    Håpa du er bedre av bassilluskan du hadde…… ble jo litt kjøligere….og våtere vær nå, sommern er ikke her for fullt ennå….. oi, ble jo en laaaaang kommentar ;O)

    1. Naoki-chan

      Har skrujern faktisk! Men jeg er usikker på hvor jeg skal sette den, etter som det er litt skummelt å lage nye hull i veggene her, men fin var den! :)
      Bassilluskan e her enda, e snyt og e snyt men da bi aldri beidre, vondt i bihulan gjør det og. E akkurat samme greian som e hadde i påska.
      Koselig med lange kommentarer! :D


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