Vortex of Industry

There’s no wonder I can’t get to sleep when I spend the whole day I’m awake in front of a laptop screen. I HAD planned to train or go out for a walk but time skipped on me once again and it was too late. I’m a bit relieved that I’m actually starting to feel tired. Training early tomorrow then. It might help me get focused too.

I just realised I wore something quite similar to this about 6 days ago. Oh I guess that’s what happen when you like a combination.

I’m actually quite happy I wore my grey boots, I’ve missed them so much. Still, I hardly dear to wear them because they’re seconds from falling apart, worn out and crappy looking. I love this kind of boots, so I desperately need to purchase something similar to these before I get rid of them.

Oh, and those who know me/have talked to me the past 24 hours saw this one coming (how could you not; the headline!). My absolutely favorite Jrock band has released their new single and PV. They never stop to amaze my with their works, and they always make a new sound, always. If it’s even possible, Ruki’s vocals has improved even more, and I am really impressed by Aoi’s and Uruha’s skills on the guitar.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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