If it's an Illusion, Tell me now.

Ah, I finally got them. Well it’s actually around 5 days since they finally arrived in my post box. I’m just so caught up in exam and the “I-don’t-want-to-but-I-Have-too”-feeling, I forgot about it a little. I’m over worked and am slowly burning out, this causes me to just stare out in the air countless of times during the day. Which again is causing me to lose working time.

Oh, it’s just 2 weeks left and I can count myself as a free soul again. I’m manage somehow! I bet I’m not the only having exam nerves right now anyways.

Well, back to the 20 pairs of love which only cost be about 150 NOK, Whom I purchased through my shopping mad lover = Ebay. Galstar is my addiction, Yesstyle is my crush, but Ebay is my lover. The one that can provide me with love for a penny. Lol.

Anyways, with 20 pairs of love I mean 20 new pair of lashes. In two different styles~ One type is like my previous ones just way thicker and with much more volume, while the pair I’m wearing in these pics is more divided in parts, giving that lovely dolly look.

Either way these two styles are more extreme and noticeable than my first ones. As I am a sucker for things that are more extreme, I was starting to get bored with the “Natural” looking ones. Pictures of me wearing the others will come, one day I’m not pulling an allnighter like I did on sunday, when I did test them out.

Seriously, I miss having time for make-up…. gah, 2 weeks, just 2 weeks!

XXXXX ([]_[])y~~


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