Doll on field trip

I randomly decided to go for a walk yesterday. I had worked for hours and just needed fresh air, and for once I actually took my camera with me. Since I wanted fresh wood and sea air, I went to a path that goes along the seashore for Trondheim. It’s actually really pretty there, and sometimes I forget that I’m in a city.

The light outside was so dramatic and full of contrast, this was about 15 minutes past eight or something. It was a bit wind out side so the sea had a lot of texture, which was quite fun composing pictures with. Uhg, not that I know much about taking pictures, I’m nowhere near good. I’m just a snapper, pushing the button whenever I see something I like, although I happen to know some stuff about composing.

Ah, well I got a nice little beak and some pictures I think I might update on my DA. It needs to get updated more often, which it will whenever I remember that I have a camera that I should use. So it don’t become rusty, or something. Oh and I just had to upload this, as I couldn’t bother to take off the lashes or my make-up I looked pretty much like a doll lost in the middle of the woods:

XXXXX ([]u[])y~~



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