Music to Pop: Week 5 – Freak Out!

I kinda skipped this post last weekend and I really regret it because the pile of music to share has grown so much, the list has started to become a really blurry mess.  Still, for the sake of not letting my schoolwork pile up in the same way I had postpone something. My life is postponed, I’m not supposed to have one right now, but I just can’t keep my ears (hands) away from new teasers, new MV releases, new live performances and so on~

New Luv: Jang Woo Hyuk – Time is [L]over

Jang Woo Hyuk is definitely my new love, I am not quite sure I’m raping the replay button on this because I love this song or because I love the choreography. Hence why I’m posting the dance version of the MV. I still can’t believe that a human can have such control over the body, it’s just freaking awesome. And I just love the dancers who is doing the hand wave-thingy during the chorus.

This week K-pop: SuJu Happy – Sunny

And no one is ever gonna respect me again. No, just kidding. This song got this place on the list because it makes me freaking happy!! Well, all of Super Junior Happy songs makes me … Happy! When I’m down, sulking over being such an anti social school freak, or being depressed over not being able to focus on my work and so on with the list of reasons for being down.. I just put on this, Cooking? Cooking! or Pajama Party, and I’m up bouncing around in 3 seconds. It’s unexplainable, it just happens!

This Week J-rock: The GazettE – Uncertain Sence

What not Vortex? Well, it’s no fun on reposting songs I’ve already shared all the time, is it? By all means, Vortex is still awesome as hell, but the single got two other great songs I love too. After posting SuJu, then this, I’m left with the feeling that my music taste is some what bipolar.

Hooked on:


Omg, I just can’t believe I’m hooked on a football song. And it’s Korea’s VM song too. I’ve been replaying this SOO much while sitting on school working like a dork. LIKE A DORK literally because it’s impossible to sit still while listening to this. In my eyes(ears) this beats Shakiga’s VM song x10294810.

Areia Remix:

Two of my favorite remixes at the moment. Generally I’m hooked on all of his remixes, but lately these have been tasting the replay button abuse.

Orange Caramel:

For some reason I keep on reading “orange camel” and think ”hm, what a strange name” every time before I realise it’s CARAMEL. Oh well, I just love this song and MV and all the weirdness it has. Oh holy crap the shoes in the beginning is pure love!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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