Empty Walls, Too Much Stuff

Wow, I’m so used to having all of my accessorize hanging on the wall. This looks so empty it’s almost making me sad. Yeah, I am totally happy about leaving this place. Two years have been long enough.

Just my lenses and a princess crown left in the bookshelf. I have even torn down my inspiration wall, and drown it away. I don’t need inspiration for interior any more, when I get home/a new place I shall make me a japanese/fashion wall instead.

Look look look, even the closet is empty! That… was actually pretty hard. Believe me. I threw away (gave it to UFF) 3 bags of clothing, I have packed 3 bags, and my suitcase is full. That’s the down side about loving to get second-hand clothes from others, I am usually on the bottom of the chain, so it’s piling up in my closet. No More.

This illustrates why it’s so hard for me to pack, and make my suitcase shopping friendly. I generally have a lot of each item, with a lot of variety. Like all these glasses. So many colors it’s hard to choose. If I just had black nerd glasses it would have been so much easier.

The first pick shows what I got, and the second what I want to take with me. The first ones are reading glasses so I need those. Again if i just had black nerd glasses I would only take them with me. And yes, I totally need two pair of sunglasses. One to look cool in and the yellow ones because it’s this summer colors! I am so pathetic…










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