Handsome Moving

I have spent the last days mostly just packing aaand packing. At one point I was really worried that it was too much. That the firm would say “we can’t take all that”. I wonder why I always thing such stupid things. Still, this totally looks like a lot:   Okay looking at the pictures it doesn’t look like much, but it totally did IRL! Or I’m just really really tiny or something. Anyways, tiny me had to move all the stuff outdoors before the help came. I am so glad I have trained a lot of strength these past 6 months.

I got finished before schedule so I decided to take my guitar out and just strum on it for a bit, I haven’t played it in ages. Hardly remember anything, but then again, jamming is my thing. So I was sitting on the big white trash can when a huge van came driving with two good-looking guys. Classic.

Handsome moving help was handsome, strong hand shakes indeed, and my stuff actually looked pretty tiny inside the van. Oh, what the fuck was I worrying about, seriously. Everything went by smooth.

Except for the fact that the port to the my sister place was quite difficult to get up. It took all three of us to figure it out. WELL, just the cleaning part left then I’m out!

And just 1 day and 19 hours til I’m in Oslo~

XXXXX ([]w[])y~



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