At the @irport!

Uhg, when I woke up today it was just fucking freezing. Well, not literally but we’re in late june, it’s supposed to be hotter than this! Doesn’t matter anyways I am leaving this place in 30 min! Yup, I am totally nerding at the airport. Got free internet!

I look so pale and tired, i don’t know why. I got a perfect amount of sleep, but the problem might be that I haven’t gotten enough sun in my face. Oh and I am totally suffering from the post-exam syndrome. I hope Oslo can cure that!

Anywaaays, Live-chan, I am not that far away now. I have been counting the hours, and its hardly 2 hours left until we meet. Gotta pimp down my coffee and run to the toilet before I board the plane. TTYL<3!

XXXXX ([]ü[])/





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