I Shopped, You Dropped

Aaah, well, some money finally arrived at my bank account. You can pretty much guess what that means! Shopping! It was nice to be able to spot, try on and like a piece of clothing and actually have a the ‘I can afford it’-feeling. Just nice!

The weather was gloomy and rainy, not the best for shopping. So I didn’t go all crazy, since I pretty much got wet because I didn’t have an umbrella with me. Got more days here in Oslo anyways, can’t spend all of my money yet! Anyways, here are some stuff I bought:

I’ve always wanted a baseball jacked, and now that I finally could afford it I went looking for them, then my eyes fell on this! I mean, it’s way cooler than the ones that where in the stores during winter/spring. I love this, fits perfectly with my new dream pants!

These I had already spotted and tried on in Trondheim, but I promised myself to not buy it yet, because I was going to Oslo. Well, now it even was on sale! Spot on win!

I’ve been looking like crazy for perfect denim jeans for the summer! I wanted them light&damaged. Found some really cool ones but they were sadly not my size. Then I spotted these, just exactly like the ones I pictured, even with a belt!

And how could I not swipe by Accessorize and buy rings! Finally got hang of a leopard print ring, a huge bow ring which I always wanted (no matter how last year it might be now), and a huge white ring with flower print perfect for the summer!

Then at last, as I had promised to myself; to go a little crazy at Lush! My favorite cosmetic store. I bought myself a new huge bit of the Fresh Farmacy cleansing soap which I am very satisfied with. I’ve also promise me to buy a face cream, so I bought Imperials, one of the cheapest ones perfect for mixed skin types.

Coconut deodorant is just genius, use it as a deodorant, or over all of your body, or in your hair to get volume! And then Dark Angels coal scrub, because I really needed one. Already tried it, my face felt really nice afterwards. The little pot of gray goo is a little test sample of a face mask I got. Nice!

Desucon tomorrow!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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