When Aliens Make Pizza

Ah, yesterday was such a nice day! Although we spent it just walking through stores after stores without buying anything it was nice. We meet up with Adrian, drank coffee (which he bought:  thank you), and just wandered around. Meet some of my buddies at Outland:Forever retarded fringe, pretty annoying when it’s windy. The other two became like child when they found weapon props, and I became the target. And I found the most awesome (but expensive) t-shirts ever.

After a while I really had to pee, Lol, so we walked home to Live-chan. Where I got a killer massage I’m still sore from. Then we shopped some food, and started to make pizza!That pizza was incredible good, and we had a lot of fun making it. We watched MegaMind while eating it, genuinely cute movie! Ah, yes, yesterday was such a nice day.

Oh, and someone decided to buy one of the manliest slippers ever. Finally I have someone who won’t/can’t diss me for my hello kitty socks. Now, there’s going to be some serious shopping! Cuz’ I got the money~ Everything that needed to be paid is, the rent, the money I owe PPL, sooo the rest is left to: SHOPPING!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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