Sightseeing: Akershus Fortress

Yesterday we went on some more sightseeing starting with Akershus Fortress, then we walked to Aker Brygge and bought ice-cream before we pranced towards the Royal Palace of Oslo.  Being the tourist and paparazzi that I am I took crap loads of pictures, so I’m dividing it up in several post; starting with Akershus Fortress.

I can’t believe I was in Oslo with my class from junior high school 5 years ago, and we didn’t visit this place! It’s so beautiful! We were really lucky that it was sunny and warm, just enchanted the place even more!

Now we’re packing and just relaxing. Around 6PM we’re taking the bus to the airport, and at 9PM our plane takes off towards Bodø. Gonna miss Oslo, I liked it here, then again I am really looking forward to get home.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


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