Mountain Hiking #1

Every summer my dad & I goes something called Fjelltrimmen. If you go on 10 out of 16 mountain tops you’ll get a cute coffee cup with a print of a mountain top you might have been on. It’s not much, an is certainly not the reason, or at least only reason for doing it.

It’s the whole trip itself that’s the big gain of doing it. Being out in the nature, smelling and breathing the extra fresh air and coming to the top and see the stunning view. To see places you know from a whole new angle. It’s just stunning.

So yesterday we went mountain hiking to Ronetinden, which is our first trip this year. I love going somewhere new, and get a whole new perspective on my home place. Although the top of the mountain was a bit scary, the view was just priceless.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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