Leopard Likes Flowers

Do you find it difficult to dress up when the weather is hot  but still too cold for shorts? I do, I mean I did. I solved that problem with falling in love with harem pants and purchasing one with chilling fabrics.

It’s the best pants I have for such days. When the weather can’t really decide if it’s supposed to be sunny and warm or cloudy and moderate. Or when I’m just gonna go for a short walk somewhere, like the store or when the postman comes with a package.

LOL, which reminds me that I greeted the postman today just dressed in a top barely going down below my bottom. To my offence I was sunbathing, but had the decency to dress in something and not just my bikini.

Summer gives dress-up dilemmas and un-decent moments, doesn’t it?

XXXXX ([]u[])y~




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