MusicPop: Week 7 – Resurface!

I think it’s about time I resurface from my hiding place. I’ve been avoiding my blog for some days now, simply because have been totally uninspired to blog. Oh well, speaking of resurfacing, after I got Spotify Unlimited and bothered to use it again I have found back to loads of bands I used to listen to, a genre I preferred before – Metal, is once again added to my music taste. I think it’s growing again. The difference this time is, I’m not filling up my hard disk with it, thanks to Spotify.

New Luv: 2ne1-Hate you

After Park Bom’s ‘Don’t Cry’ I was really looking forward to 2NE1’s ‘I am the best’. Next I was carving for a new release as the same time I was deadly scared they would disappoint me. Did they? Hell no! The MV itself is totally amazing, and the “eeeh” part is way too addictive.

This weeks Kpop: MBLAQ-Mona Lisa

This can’t be much of a surprise to anybody. Gosh, I have played this so much at work, and tried to work the dance moves with the mop in my hand. This is forever my favorite song this summer. Since I have posted the MV before, I am sharing this live version which is self is superb!

This weeks JPop/Rock: Still Echo-The Inescapable Truth

The greatest thing with Spotify is the related artist feature, I clicked on The GazettE, and saw this band as a related artist, finding the name interesting I had to check it out and I was mesmerized by the vocalist voice. I love this song.

Hooked on:

Jang Woo Hyuk

That man. What an artist, just, awesome. He is so cool: the dance skills, his style, everything.

In Flames

This is an old flame, oh I loved them so much before. I still do, the new album is amazing.


“Asian metal band” sounded so strange to me, then I came across this. This is so unique.

Finally, a music update again! This time containing a lot more rock. Best way to describe my music taste would be something like a colored fluid always in motion. Always changing. It alway surprise me.

XXXXX ([]o[])/



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