Respect The Right Way

Support group: “add a heart to show your respect” ect. on Facebook? Or other stupid things on chat sites? Honestly, I think it’s just rude to “show respect” that way. It’s just way too effortless and un-personal. I just don’t like it.

So mum bought us roses, and after work we went to hear the speeches, the music, walk in the parade holding flowers above our head, then leave them in a bundle together. I think I cried a little during a certain persons speech.

It was so respectful and honorable.

XXXXX ([]_[])



2 thoughts on “Respect The Right Way

    1. EdgyPop Post author

      Joda. Men jeg syns ikke noe om det face-greierne. Som sagt upersonlig, og nesten gjort bare for å slippe unna.
      Mer for at sånt skal gjøres fysisk, ikke ute i uendelige cyber space.

      men det er nå min mening da :D


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