Last Weekend Smoothie

This is like one week ago. Remember I mentioned in one update that lena came and visited me last weekend? Did I tell you about how epic it was? No. Well, it WAS epic. She’s so cute and friendly, and we share one big passion: Kpop!

Firstly, we had so much fun shopping, talking and occupying Thaibutikken. I don’t even know for how long we where there. With almost everything we saw, a discussion topic or random comment appeared. And god how much we laughed when my phone auto-corrected “buy some sweets” to “buy some jews” (it was in norwegian ofc).

Then we spent the rest of saturday just staking kpop groups on YouTube, watching SuJu laughing  and Mblaq playing, just to mention some. It was epic. At sunday we either sat out in the sun talking about everything or sat inside and watched and fangirled over different Kpop MV’s.

Do I need to mention we were so happy to finally have someone to share that interest with? No, I don’t think so. Also, after her visit, i think and do believe that we have become better friends, and it makes me happy!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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