MusicPop: Week 8 – Rabotonic

So I have discovered SoriBada, a nice page, very much like other music providers, but for korean releases. Like others, you make a monthly contribute and get to download music. This have given me an extra source to discover new music. So, here we go~

New Luv: Supreme Team – RESPECT my money

I knew who Simon D was through watching Oh My School variety show, and I knew he was a part of the Supreme Team rap duo. So I fully blame SoriBada for this, I had no idea rap could be appealing to me. But this is kinda addictive… very addictive.

This weeks Kpop: Super Junior – Mr. Simple

If you seriously thought this update would come without Super Junior’s new single at this spot, then you must be new to this blog. To me in general. Going on, I love the fact that this single got some signature sounds from the previous singles, as well as some signature moves from the choreography. This is unique, this is Super Junior.

This weeks J/Pop/Rock:

I am skipping this one for this time, because I can’t recall any japanese/rock songs that I have thought about giving this spot to. It has been a very un-rockish week.

Hooked on:

Super Junior

This is, and very quickly became, my favorite song on Super Junior’s new album, Mr.Simple. I just love the sound, the melody, how the phrases are sung by the members, I love how each member sound in this song. The bridge and chorus are totally killing me.

Chae Yeon

I’ve been listening to her before, and I have more than once thought that her singing is a bit weak. I can’t quite stop thinking it, but I still love her songs.

Areia Remix

This is adding two more song to my all ready long list of favorite k-pop remixes. Most of them are done by Area.

So this was it for this time, gosh it took a while! Figured why I called it rabotonic? I was going to let the header be Robotonic because of the sound in most of the songs, but then I got bugged that the rap song of Supreme Team wouldn’t fit, so therefore rabotonic. Lol.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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