Roaming the city for furniture

Well, it totally feels like a waste of time.. Walking around and across the city and never reaching my goal. That’s what I’ve been doing today. I just have to accept that they were sold out of that clot-hanger module. It’s not like they don’t have something similar at IKEA, it was just prettier. The one from Chlas Olson.

Yeah, I have issues indeed. So eventually I hit IKEA instead, far later than planned. I spent over 1500 NOK on a bookcase, table, a storage system (for my make up LOL), a lamp, some pillows and ect. And of course, home transport is incl. in those.

I can’t live here without some storage possibilities. Things are so far floating on the floor and that will not do. Which reminds me that I have to tidy the place a bit before the transport people comes tomorrow.

I am sorry for all these updates without pictures! I feel so horrible. Oh well, pictures are coming when I once again find time to edit and stuff. It’s just a little chaotic right now.

XXXXX ([]u[])



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