U Want a Peek?

Oh yeah, I am actually going to be so annoying that I will only give sneak peeks pictures this time. Why? Honestly? Because some parts still need some serious organizing work. Like my desk, which still is a big mess…

The reason for the always existing mess have been that I have slowly been taking parts of my stuff there… But I just got the last part here this evening so making process in tidying up will be possible from now on. I also purchased some storage boxes today, which has solved my Where-to-put-gloves/scarfs/shoes/purses issue.

Oh, at school today we had a social get-to-know each other event. Treasure hunt across the city. I really got to know some of the people in my class.

With all the walking, carrying and cleaning, I’ve decided to skip training today. BOOKS ARE HEAVY! And I finished tidying up just now, so it would be too late anyways. Schools starts for real tomorrow precisely at a quarter past 8AM.

XXXXX ([]u[])/


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