Are You Ready or Not?

I think my brain is going on overload. Firstly, I am slowly realising I’ll never get this place organized enough to feel comfortable sharing pictures of it. So, when I have time to tidy up ect, I’ll just snap some pics and share.

Secondly, I’m sooo tired. Some is self-inflicted, some is only natural. I mean, its way more fun being social with class than sleeping, right? I’ve also started training 100% again, and more than I usually do. Signed up for a membership at 3T and used the card for the first time to day~

Actually, its pretty nice being tired now that its starting to get late. One of my biggest reason to train is to tired myself out, so that I wont have problem sleeping. Which was a big issue before, and still is if I skip training for enough days.

Really, my life is suddenly so eventful and social I just have a little trouble consuming it all. But I love it~ It’s so much better than the Interior bubble of steel which I’ve lived in for two years.

Hum, I really intended on making this a tiny outfit update but instead I ended up rambling about my life. Oh, well… Anyways~ My favorite harem pants with my new favorite wedges. Just 400 NOK on DinSko, I couldn’t resist it. I’ve always wanted wedges, and these are really comfortable to walk in.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


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