Shoes from Far Far Away

I’ve been talking about my new shoes for a while now, to people who doesn’t live in Trondheim, like family and friends at home. I have just realised I haven’t posted pictures of them at my blog at all. Curious about my new Hong Kong/Chinese shoes?

The caramel colored boots are lovely~! They smelled weird when I opened the shoe box, but the quality really surprised me. For around just 250NOK the quality is pretty good. The black ankle boots looks cheap and feels cheap. But hey, for only 180NOK, I don’t mind if they are broken within 3 months.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


2 thoughts on “Shoes from Far Far Away

  1. Hege

    The caramel colored boots looks lovely^^
    Perfect for autumn, and they would probably look great with wool stockings/knee highs

    And btw, have you heard Xiah Junsu – Intoxication???
    Or seen the video?
    With english subs??

    That song would get sooo banned in Korea!!

    1. EdgyPop Post author

      Thank you~! I am really looking forward to when its gets colder and I can use them with stockings/knee highs~

      OH, no I haven’t heard it yet. Totally must do so now~!
      Thanks fort the tip!! :)


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