Team Life~!

It’s about time I made a full entry instead of a mobile update, eh? Well, something beautiful just arrived in my post box today. That handsome piece of paper that tells me there’s a package waiting for me at the post office!

I can’t believe I didn’t run straight there but actually took some time to walk randomly through the centre to test my new SLR camera. Guess it’s true then, when you’re waiting for something good, you CAN wait a little longer. Anyways, Team Life is here! 3 awesome caps just for me~

Cute little package, and oh so light. When I opened it my first reaction was: “huh, just this?”. And how stupid did I feel afterwards when I realized they were stacked in the same plastic bag? VERY. Still, it’s one of my biggest fear when shopping online, not getting all the items and norwegian tax fees.

I didn’t realize it when ordering, but all 3 of them are of the same brand; Team Life. I love the name.

That last one is utterly lovable, huh? I think so, while the others are just awesome and cool. Now I’m going to hang them up on the wall with the rest of my slowly growing collection of hats&caps.

Oh, I just got to say it; I love writing entries in this new layout. It feels so easy and neat.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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