Baseball on Sale

Yesterday I went out with my sister to check out the sale at a mall. You never know what you’ll find there. It was also nice spending time with her, we had a good time & laughed a lot. I had hoped to find some flat shoes on sale, but as usual even size 36 is to big for me. So the only solution I have is to find that on internet.

Still, I came across something that did catch my eyes – baseball jackets!

I absolutely adore the green jacket, its thick and warm so it will be good having at cold fall days. It also got the feeling of being a “real” baseball jacket, ‘cuz of the material used on the arms and edges of neck and wrist.

The blue one I actually have from before, but in grey. Since I love it and use it all the time, and not to forget that the deep blue colour goes pretty well with the navy “King” cap I have, I just had to have this one too.

They both were on sale so; 79NOK for the green one who originally cost around 600NOK, and just 49 for the navy one that originally cost around 300NOK. That’s what I call a real good deal. I love sale indeed!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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