Simple Saturday

This saturday is a simple saturday, meaning that I’m not gonna dress up, meet a bunch of people and hit the city. I’m going to tidy my room, then a friend is gonna come over after work. Then we’re going to the cinema to watch a movie, and afterwards we’re going back to me to make brownies and relax.

No, simple Saturdays doesn’t mean that its going to be boring, and sometimes it’s nice to dress up in comfy clothes and put on minimal with make-up, throw my hair up in a knot and read magazines with wool socks on my feet.

and doze of a little bit apparently…

Besides, I love to match up my new baseball jacket with my two pair of brown boots. Matching sporty with chic, comfy with patterns, casual with elegant. It’s just something I’ve picked up after reading a blog entry about korean fashion and matching casual with formal. Blend styles. It’s trendy.

Edit: Ah, well… No movie or brownies for me. My friend cracked and wanted to go out after all. My options now are: 1. shop some sweets and spend the night with Youtube. 2.Find another friend that alone and bored like me. And the last option is to go out, but I really don’t feel like being around a bunch of drunk ppl, or drink.. so..IDK…

Edit: I decided to not be butt hurt and go out with my friend

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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