Elegance in the Streets

I probably don’t look at the city the same way as many others. I don’t claim to be special or better, but I see a lot of people looking down or straight forward and never above the first floor. I think I’m one of the few stupid people who keeps looking up to the sky when wandering around.

Believe me I have tripped over lots of things, edges and my own feet, because of that. I’m just to busy ogling at the architecture to watch where I’m going. I used to be one of the kind that always looks down, but as my interest for architecture has grown I have started to look up.

So that’s why I can stop and admire a building and others just don’t get the beauty i see in that “awful mass of a brick/concrete lump”. No, well, I don’t get what you see in ugly asphalt scraping cars or super greasy football players. Different taste I guess.

Edit: Cuz, to me it looks like people dont get it, click on the pictures to see them bigger! I can see in my statics if they’re clicked or not. And it would really make me happy if you did, it would be like telling me you like them ~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


3 thoughts on “Elegance in the Streets

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