Darker, Bolder & Warmer

The october issue of Happie Nuts is seriously warming and inspire me. Finally the fashion has started to take route towards colder days, showing more of warmer and thicker fabrics. It still shows a lot of short shorts and skirts, tops without arms and ect.

What this issue also shows is bolder and bigger patterns, more contrast between black and white. More use of contrast between high waist and edgy cuts contra girly details. The colors have gotten  deeper and darker, and the shoes has gotten bolder. I guess Lady Gaga is right, a girl is as hot as the shoes she choses.

Credit as tagged in the pictures, and to Japanese Fashion Magazine @ LJ

I love the before/after pages, which really shows how the fashion has changes. Even the hairstyles has changes, less curls more waves. Its seems to be more in with center separation and no fringe or a side fringe.

When it comes to make-up it looks to me that grey and brown colored eyeshadow still rules, but the whole look is slightly lighter than before.

Happie Nuts issues always inspire me a lot~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


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